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OptimizeIt ensures optimum thermal design

Courtesy of CAS Ltd.

CAS Ltd, recently designed a telecom chassis for telecom manufacturer, Actelis Networks. Actelis supplies high-quality, high-bandwidth broadband services over existing copper pairs for a wide range of businesses, utilities, military installations and government agencies.

The chassis was a 1U configuration (1.75 inches high) and 9.5 inches wide, dissipating approximately 35 W. The design goals were to ensure that several temperature sensitive components were within their manufacturer's limits, while at the same time optimizing fan type and location, and the number, sizes, and locations of vents. Standard, commercially available, pin fin heat sinks were chosen.

To optimize the design they used Coolit's OptimizeIt module. The initial design had one fan and 4 vents. It had several key electronic components on both sides of the PCB whose temperatures were at, or exceeding their manufacturers' limits. The hottest device, a BGA on the component side of the board, was 5 deg. C over its 91 deg. C limit.

OptimizeIt automatically set up and ran 73 cases and reported that the design goals could be accomplished with a single Delta 40mm exhaust fan positioned roughly in the middle of the back wall. It also resized and repositioned the existing vents, and added an additional vent to the front panel. In the optimum design, the BGA temperature dropped from 96 deg. C to 88 deg. C, while the case temperatures of the circuit side components fell from 95 deg. C to 89 deg C. Click here for the complete story.

An Actelis telecom box
CAS's Coolit model of the chassis.

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