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Introducing CoolitDC

Designed to predict and optimize the thermal performance of data centers, CoolitDC analyzes an entire facility, individual racks, and servers, or zeroes-in on the smallest board or component. It is the analytical tool data center managers depend on for informed decision-making.

Thermal models are constructed quickly using CoolitDC's extensive library of commonly available CRACs, assorted cooling devices, racks, and tiles. Library devices and components can be modified or custom devices constructed using the software's integrated set of basic building blocks.

Complex data center shapes can be analyzed along with the impact of raised floors, drop ceilings, air leakage, room partitions, support columns, under floor piping, furniture and other infrastructure components. The user can specify the desired room ventilation - fans, ducts and vents, as well as power systems, cables, and pipes.

Once the model is constructed, multiple what-if scenarios can be quickly evaluated to determine the effects of various equipment configurations and options. Overheated racks are pinpointed by color-coding, and airflow can be animated to visualize the flow and temperature through racks, vents, and tiles. The results are also provided in tabular form, so that both technical and non-technical personnel can inspect the predictions.


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