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Introducing CoolitPCB

Powerful and highly affordable CoolitPCB enables PCB designers to do their own board level thermal analyses. Electrical engineers now can predict the thermal behavior of their designs and pinpoint optimum component placement on their boards. There is no need for CFD expertise; CoolitPCB's intelligent user interface steers the user through the solution process. But users shouldn't be fooled by this simplicity. Under the hood is the Coolit's robust, proven and advanced computational engine, that has been successfully used in thousands of design projects.

CoolitPCB costs a small fraction of competing tools, yet there is no compromise in functionality. The software will enable the import of board designs from CAD and EDA software, perform testing for standard JEDEC slots, forced convection wind tunnels, and free convection, as well as custom setups. In addition, it will report component junction temperature, case temperature, as well as detailed 3D airflow and temperature distribution. CoolitPCB is fully integrated with Daat's flagship thermal design software, Coolit, so board designs can be readily incorporated into system level analysis.


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