` ` Coolit breaks speed limits

Coolit breaks speed limits

March 2013

Daat Research announces a break-through in Coolit design that increases solution speeds up to 20x previous versions. While the final multiplier depends on many factors, problem size appears to be a dominant influence. Typically larger problems experience the biggest speed jumps, while smaller cases (those under 1M cells) exhibit only fractional increases. Cases with the 2-4 M grid cells often are solved 2-3x faster, and cases with tens of millions of cells are frequently 10-20x faster.

With the new development, users can calculate larger, more complex problems in a fraction of the time previously required. Problems that use to take days to solve can now be done in hours. The result is increased productivity, more detailed optimizations, and superior results.

The advancement is part of Daat Research's on-going program of product developments to deliver best-in-class CFD software to thermal engineers.


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