` ` Daat is 20!

Daat is 20!

March 2012

It's been an exciting 20 years. Since our beginnings as an R&D company, Daat has become a leader in CFD thermal design software for electronics. Our flagship product Coolit, noted for its power and ease of use in predicting thermal performance at all system levels, has been joined by CoolitPCB, the affordable, robust offering for board level analyses, and more recently CoolitDC which models entire data centers right down to the smallest component.

From our founding, we have always considered customer support the top priority. Our management team from software developers to marketing, participates in customer support, so that everyone knows first-hand what needs to be improved, what new features are needed to make our customers more productive, make their work easier and sometimes even enjoyable. Our customers have responded with unprecedented loyalty, some of them going back all the way to the launch of Coolit in 1996.

In addition to our cutting edge research, some of the best ideas that make our products great have been contributed by customers. Our development team strives to implement these new ideas quickly and with utmost efficiency and quality. We owe our success to you, the members of worldwide Coolit community. Your dedication and contributions have helped us create the unique Coolit experience: elegant and intuitive, yet blazingly fast and powerful.

What does Daat have in store for tomorrow? We will continue to provide our customers with software engineered to meet their business needs and solve their business problems. And we will continue to innovate, while always making sure that we focus on solving the problems of the customers who rely on our technology.


Daat Milestones


1992 - Daat Research Corp. founded and registered as a New Hampshire corporation.


1992-6 - Daat wins projects to develop new modeling technology fluid flow and heat transfer with stiff chemical reactions and species transport. Solution algorithms and numerical methods developed during this work, advance state-of-the-art for both speed and efficiency.


1996 - Daat releases Coolit - first CFD software for electronics cooling designed for MS-Windows and PCs. Top features: intuitive user interface requiring no training and fast and powerful solver.


1999 - In a White House ceremony followed by a reception on Capitol Hill, Daat is awarded Tibbetts prize for its contributions to computational fluid dynamics.


2000 - Daat partners with SolidWorks and Parametric Technology to develop CAD models import module for Coolit.


2001-2 - Daat receives awards for its market leading technology. Control Engineering magazine selects Coolit out of thousands of submissions and calls a Significant innovation. Product Design and Development magazine choses Coolit for its Annual Engineering Awards program, for its pioneering contributions to CFD technology making it accessible to design engineers and occasional users, enabling them to develop accurate, reliable, and cost-effective cooling solutions and to shorten development cycles.


2000-2003 - Daat signs up distributors in the European Union and Israel.


2005 - Daat debuts CoolitPCB - powerful and affordable software for PCB designers. Electrical engineers now can predict the thermal behavior of their designs and pinpoint optimum component placement on their boards. There is no need for CFD expertise; CoolitPCB's intelligent user interface steers the user through the solution process. Under the hood is the Coolit's robust, proven and advanced computational engine that has been successfully used in thousands of design projects.


2005-7 - Daat signs distributors in Far East countries.


2009 - Daat launches the development of a third CFD software product - CoolitDC - an analytical tool for data center designers and managers.


2011 - Daat debuts CoolitDC - CFD software designed to predict and optimize the thermal performance of data centers. CoolitDC analyzes an entire facility, individual racks, and servers, or zeroes-in on the smallest board or component.


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