` ` Coolit v19 ups productivity with improved user interface and functionality

Coolit v.19 ups productivity with improved user interface and functionality

September 2019

The latest v.19 line of Coolit products for thermal management of electronics delivers major improvements in usability and functionality. The new release expands functionality of the Objects Manager, automates import of CAD into Coolit objects, and improves the solver restart algorithm resulting in significant time savings for restarts. It also improves the solution algorithm for transient cases improving the stability thereby permitting large time steps. The user interface has been updated with improved object rotation and selection, and the Batch Queue dialog has acquired additional functionality and usability. The materials library has been expanded with data for temperature-dependent properties for fluids.

The above new features and improvements are only a sample of the many advances implemented in this release.

Coolit and CoolitPCB v.19 are available now.

For further information on Coolit products, please visit www.daat.com or email info@daat.com .

Figure: Coolit modeled digital mass storage system for the Air Force's C-130.

About Daat:

Founded in 1992, Daat concentrates on the development of top-performing computational fluid dynamics (CFD) products for MS Windows. Daat's award-winning Coolit family of CFD products is available across all Windows platforms and is well-regarded for its remarkably intuitive user interface, a full range of Windows capabilities, and exceptionally fast solution times that are particularly valuable for what-if analyses.


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