` ` Coolit and CoolitPCB v17 boost user productivity with new tools

Coolit and CoolitPCB v17 boost user productivity with new tools

October 2017

With the release of Coolit and CoolitPCB v.17, the first 64-bit only release, Daat Research makes significant strides in boosting CFD user productivity. The release expands functionality of existing components, adds new components and new functionality. An optional data center modeling module has been included complete with data center equipment, such as CRACs and other cooling devices, racks, raised floors and drop ceilings, tiles etc. Extensive libraries of all data center equipment are included. And construction of models has been enhanced with the new Mate function, which facilitates and monitors joining of objects. Also, Fluid Regions in Coolit can now be complex shapes.

The new functionality and components include a new cold plate model; Gauge as source of temperature for temperature-dependent heat sources; and expanded functionality of Snap to and Measure tools, which now handle CAD imported objects' interior geometry; and expands functionality of Model Check with a wider range of scenarios. If requested, Coolit v.17 will automatically add monitor points in Solid Blocks and Resistor models, enable the Hollow Box model to individually customize sides, as well as deliver other features and improvements.

Coolit and CoolitPCB v.17 are available now.

For further information on Coolit products, please visit www.daat.com or email info@daat.com .

Figure: Coolit v.17 offers optional data center modeling module.

About Daat:

Founded in 1992, Daat concentrates on the development of top-performing computational fluid dynamics (CFD) products for MS Windows. Daat's award-winning Coolit family of CFD products is available across all Windows platforms and is well-regarded for its remarkably intuitive user interface, a full range of Windows capabilities, and exceptionally fast solution times that are particularly valuable for what-if analyses.


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