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Designing military power supplies with CoolitPCB

Courtesy of Filtran Ltd

Canadian electronics manufacturer, Filtran is using CoolitPCB to design ruggedized power supplies for a major military telecom application in which ambient temperature pushes against the upper design limit of the components. Because little margin is available, accurate thermal analysis is crucial.

Filtran first heard of CoolitPCB from another manufacturer during its search for an effective, low-cost thermal analysis software. "Initially, I was very skeptical," notes the designer, "but you can download CoolitPCB and try it out, with no strings attached. In almost no time, I was off and sailing. The software delivers a full blown CFD analysis and the price is fantastic."

The company is further impressed with the software's ability to model encapsulated components using priority in the object manager. With a competing product, the encapsulant would have to be modeled separately and then merged, a difficult job at best.

In the future, Filtran anticipates applying CoolitPCB analyses for a range of avionic and military electronic devices.

CoolitPCB models power supply with encapsulated components.

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