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Analogic improves design and reduces time-to-market

Courtesy of Analogic Corporation.

Analogic Corporation is a designer and manufacturer of advanced systems and subsystems. These systems often consist of a complicated chassis with multiple sub-compartments each with electronics that require heat dissipation.

This type of complicated flow chassis can be observed in one of our current projects. Using Coolit to model the general chassis setup with simplified geometry, initial flow patterns could be observed quickly and easily. Once the overall flow pattern was established and optimized, Coolit was then used to specifically model individual sub-compartments.

Currently pictured are a board and the main heat producing chips in a sub-compartment. The compartment was modeled with the intent of evenly distributing the flow over the chips and to promote uniform heat dissipation. The original proposal was a simple configuration of one inlet fan on the side of compartment and a top exit vent. This configuration, modeled in Coolit and confirmed in experimental testing, resulted in a sweeping flow path that left dead areas of flow and high temperatures at the top-right and lower-left chips.

After this data was evaluated, it was thought that a second fan would be needed to cool the compartment. This second configuration was then run in Coolit and it resulted in the same sweeping flow path with increased dead flow areas. By using Coolit and running a variety of baffle, fan, and vent combinations, an optimal solution was found. It was discovered, that simple baffle attachments to the board could direct the flow from a single fan so that the chips are properly cooled.

Using Coolit, significantly reduced time to market as well as improved quality and reliability of the new product.


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