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Seagate develops new applications for hard drives with the aid of Coolit.

Courtesy of Seagate Technology Corp.

Computers are no longer the only applications for hard drives. As the world's largest hard drive manufacturer, Seagate Technology is utilizing the benefits of CFD analysis to integrate hard drives into the latest consumer electronics designs.

Many of the new satellite receiver units, or set top boxes, are using hard drives to provide features such as live TV pause and personal video recording. For Seagate's Mechanical Integration and Qualification group, the two main problems with integrating hard drives into these systems are the reliability and noise level. Coolit helps provide solutions to both problems. By improving the thermal performance of a set top box, the reliability of drive and other components is improved. In addition, the system acoustics is improved by reducing or even eliminating the use of cooling fans.

Seagate uses Coolit to provide valuable feedback to consumer electronics customers. In many cases, analysis is done on designs prior to any prototype builds. Feedback is given to the customer on expected drive temperatures and design changes are suggested that increase thermal performance. This approach provides optimal thermal designs, reduced cost and time to market, and increased overall system performance and reliability.

Coolit has proven its effectiveness and accuracy with many design validations. It has allowed Seagate to furnish customers with high quality hard drives, as well as top of the line hard drive integration engineering services.


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